“But you guys promote gambling”

Yes we offer mini-games which will allow you to play with your PLS. Playing those games is 100% optional, just like using the Chat, Referral Program or dedicating your money towards the freedom of commerce. If you don’t gamble you cannot lose money.

FreePulse.io is still a Faucet at its core. It’s the best possible onboarding tool for PulseChain. Every network needs its killer-app to succeed. FreePulse.io allows you to get your hands on PLS without going through a CEX. No registration or KYC needed. It allows you to pay for your transaction fees.

“FreePulse is a casino disguised as a faucet”

Nope. You can simply free claim PLS every hour without ever playing a single mini-game. You don’t have to wager your balance to withdraw it. We don’t encourage gambling. In fact if you’re already addicted to gambling we strongly recommend you to stay away from our mini-games.

Where does the house edge go?

With any kind of gambling games there will be users who lose their money. This is ok as long as you gamble responsibly and know about the risk of losing your money. On the other hand there will also be people who win life-changing amounts of wealth in the mini-games.

We experimented both with a 3% and a 5% house edge so far. Currently the mini-games on FreePulse.io have a 3% house edge. 1% of every Bet goes into the daily Lottery and another 1% goes to referrals. So with the current house edge 1% remains as “revenue”. This 1% might go towards

  • The free claims. To ensure that the faucet will always stay open we need to make some kind of revenue to finance it over the next years.
  • $FP buys & burns. Don’t ever expect profit from the work of others, you know the drill.
  • Server costs. Operating a high performance platform like FreePulse.io isn’t cheap. We already pay more for hosting the Beta than most people pay for their rent.
  • Marketing. The only way to get people outside of crypto to use PulseChain is to run advertising campaigns.

The house edge is a net-positive.

We are not going to make any profits from this. We don’t need to make any profits. Both me and Felix are OG Hexicans, we don’t ever need to work again. We’re in this to grow the ecosystem. Every PLS lost at the mini-games will probably just get reinvested into the platform to further accelerate the growth of PulseChain. Anyways, don’t ever expect profits from the work of others.

If we would set the house edge to 0% we would be fine for a few months. But imagine millions of users coming to PulseChain through FreePulse.io who all free claim $1 a day. We have some pretty nice bags to finance the faucet for multiple months but of course we cannot give away millions of USD worth of PLS per day for extended periods of time.

To keep the free claim open for mutliple years we have to generate some kind of revenue.

Of course the current house edge isn’t set in stone. The final percentage mostly depends on the ratio of free claims / played games. Whether or not we 1) actually grow to millions of users, 2) those users free claim often, 3) very few people gamble with their PLS, we cannot pay for the free claim out of our own pockets forever. The free PLS have to come from somewhere.

Many people enjoy gambling and they will always be able to wager their money somewhere. It’s better that they are able to gamble on FreePulse.io where the house edge goes towards growing the ecosystem instead of financing the next yacht of the owner of some shady online-casino.




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